Projects in our Bach Museum

Bach Museum

View of the special exhibition "Bach Nuremberg Style", Photo:  Bach Archive LeipzigSpecial exhibitions

Every year the Bach Museum presents two or three special exhibitions. These always address a specific topic, such as aspects of Bach’s life and works, his family, his contemporaries or his musical and cultural environment. The special exhibitions deepen, vary and extend the main exhibition of the museum with precious objects from national and international institutions, among them museums, libraries and archives, but also private collections. The room is air-conditioned and permits a flexible configuration of the showcases – ideal conditions not only for the correct handling of all kinds of objects from a conservator’s point of view, but also for a variety of presentations.


 Baroque dance-lesson, Photo: Bach Archive LeipzigCultural education

The various offers at the Bach Museum contribute to the fact that it has become a meeting point to everybody. These offers range from open house days to the Museumsnacht (Museum Night) and from interactive guided tours and musical experiments up to workshops that combine theory with practice. They are designed for children and adolescents as well as tourists and Leipzig citizens, families and also provide barrier-free access for disabled persons. In the course of some programmes there are small pieces that are being composed or the music is expressed in colours. Even the content of your pockets can become sound elements and your own body can become a resonating body. The educational purpose is always to make Bach’s life and works accessible to visitors and thus enhance their understanding for his time and music.


You are welcome to support the following annual events:

Open house days, Bach’s birthday (March, 21), Museumsnacht (Museum Night, end of April), International museum day (May), Family day during the Bachfest (June), Summer feast at the Bach Museum (August), Day of the open monument (September), Summer break programmes and other group programmes, Afternoon schooling, Exhibitions focusing on museum education


Summer hall with music gallery, Photo: Gert MothesConcerts in our Summer Hall

Where Bach once played music!

The Summer Hall, with its musician’s gallery and the movable ceiling painting, creates an unforgettable setting for concerts through its intimate atmosphere and fantastic acoustics. The characteristics of the room and the fact that still mainly historical instruments are played make the music sound like the one J. S. Bach might have heard in his days in Leipzig. A special concern lies in letting music be heard aside from works by Johann Sebastian Bach and his contemporaries. Music that has fallen into oblivion and is only seldom found in regular concert programs. For this, the scientists of the Bach Archive draw upon their research and the library’s on-site stock. In cooperation with the department of Ancient Music of the University for Music and Theatre, special programs are created. One of these programs is the concert series »Musik aus der Himmelsburg«. Like in historical times, the musicians are situated on the Summer Hall’s gallery. You can support this exceptional experience with your donation!


Academic events

Due to its modern technical equipment, the Summer Hall’s baroque ambience is perfectly suited for readings, conferences and seminars. International congresses take place in regular intervals, luring a broad, scientifically interested audience in the Bose house. As sponsor of such an event you have the possibility to present yourself in the associated public relations activities, in the function portfolio and directly at the event itself.