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If you wish to order tickets for the Leipzig Bach Festival, or if you have any questions about ordering tickets, please contact our service staff:

+49-3871-211 4191 (local tariff)

Mon-Fri: 8am to 9pm, Sat: 8am to 8am, Sun: 10am to 8pm (CET)


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Leipzig Bach Archive

Thomaskirchhof 15/16

04109 Leipzig



Tel. +49 341 9137-0

Fax +49 341 9137-105



Members of staff

Executive board

Prof. Dr. Ton Koopman, President
sekretariat [at]

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Peter Wollny, Director
wollny [at]

Christina Katrin Ahlmann, CEO (interim)
geschaeftsfuehrung [at]

Sandra Schmidt, Executive assistant
schmidt [at]


Gabriele Anders, Executive board and research institute
anders [at]

Greta Anton, Events department
anton [at]

Dagmar Hürdler, Museum
huerdler [at]

Public relations

Franziska von Sohl, Press officer
von.sohl [at]

Ulrich Wingerter, Marketing
wingerter [at]

Research institute

Prof. Dr. Michael Maul, Head section I
maul [at]

Dr. Christine Blanken, Head section II
blanken [at]

Dr. Manuel Bärwald
baerwald [at]

Solvej Donadel
donadel [at]

Dr. Wolfram Enßlin
ensslin [at]

Dr. Carolin Hauck
hauck [at]

Dr. Christiane Hausmann
hausmann [at]

Dr. Bernd Koska
koska [at]

Christine Pfau
pfau [at]

Dr. Klaus Rettinghaus
rettinghaus [at]

Gregor Richter
richter [at]

Benedikt Schubert
schubert [at]

Prof. em. Dr. Hans-Joachim Schulze
schulze [at]

Magdalena Strobel
strobel [at]

Dr. Markus Zepf
zepf [at]


Kristina Funk-Kunath, Head
funk-kunath [at]

Maria Wagler
wagler [at]

Antonia Boddin
boddin [at]


Kerstin Wiese, Head
wiese [at]

Brigitte Braun
braun [at]

Henrike Rucker
rucker [at]

Norma Strunden
strunden [at]

Tabea Kießling
kiessling [at]

Nicole Möbius
moebius [at]

Events department

PD Dr. Michael Maul, Intendant
maul [at]

Dr. Elisabeth Liebau, head
liebau [at]

Constanze Blum
blum [at]

Sebastian Gosch
sgosch [at]

Silka Gosch
gosch [at]

Patricia Steer
steer [at]

Ticket service

Peggy Reinboth
reinboth [at]

Wolfhard Henze
henze [at]

Finanical department

Christina Katrin Ahlmann
ahlmann [at]

Iris Burschberg
burschberg [at]

Information Systems · Utilities Management

Thomas Meier
meier [at]

Matthias Wendt
wendt [at]

Michael Fey
fey [at]