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Anna Magdalena Bach • Fanny Hensel • Clara Schumann. Three female musicians in the spotlight.

23 AUG 2019 — 19 JAN 2020


The bicentenary of Clara Schumann offers a welcome opportunity to take a closer look at three female musicians with famous names receiving growing interest among researchers and the public: court singer Anna Magdalena Bach, née Wilcke (1701–60), and the pianists and composers Fanny Hensel, née Mendelssohn (1805–47), and Clara Schumann, née Wieck (1819–96). Their lifetimes span two centuries in which the opportunities and activities of female musicians changed and grew.


The exhibition sheds light on their varied interests as performers, composers, concert promoters, editors and music dealers. Attention is paid to their family ties and social settings. Johann Sebastian Bach was an important influence on all three women, and their preoccupation with his music is a key theme of the exhibition. On display are precious originals such as the famous Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, Fanny Hensel’s Song of Praise, fugue studies by Clara Schumann, and the first volume of
Clara and Robert Schumann’s marriage diary.


Compositions and concert programmes as well as letters and diary excerpts are brought to life at several listening stations, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the worlds of Anna Magdalena Bach, Fanny Hensel and Clara Schumann.