No 57 BaRock the House!

Wed 14th June 2017  »  11:00 am
Bach-Museum, Sommersaal
b@ch for us

Modern trends meet baroque music: an eventful journey into the 17th and 18th century for pupils with works by J. S. Bach, Adele, H. Purcell, Madonna a. o. (in German)

For pupils from age 11 to 13 years and visitors to the Bach Festival (in German)

Lia Roth (voice), Michael Spiecker (Baroque violin), Lu Wollny (harpsichord)

A Leipzig Schulkonzerte event

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Ticket price: € 3,00 (no advance sale, tickets at the box office)

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Some miracle sends jazz singer Lia back to Baroque times. Musicians Michael and Lu are astonished when, instead of their usual singer, Lia appears at the rehearsal. Since a concert is scheduled soon, it’s evident that they’re going to have to find some arrangement – and that’s a tall order! Lia just can’t cope with this old »Early Music« which to her is completely new. What are those funny instruments they’re playing, is there still any use for them today? Why does the sheet music look so odd, and why does the music sound so quiet? How are you supposed to dance to it?