»I owe simply everything to J. S. Bach!« – Bach und Reger

Special exhibition from 4 March until 23 October 2016

Max Reger was full of admiration for Johann Sebastian Bach. »Our modern harmony contains nothing so complex that it wouldn’t have been foreseen by good old Bach,« he declared. To Reger, the »secrets of harmony« in Bach’s writing were just as fascinating as his fugue technique, which he regarded as the basis of all composition: »For me, Sebastian Bach is the be-all and end-all of music; true progress lies and resides in him alone.« This devotion prompted Max Reger in his role as composer, arranger and conductor to study Bach’s works intensively. Bach and Reger – two composers who in many ways were far ahead of their time – will be the focus of not just the 2016 Leipzig Bach Festival but also a special exhibition in the Bach Museum marking the centenary of Max Reger’s death. Organized by the Leipzig Bach Museum in conjunction with the Max Reger Institute Karlsruhe, the exhibits will include precious manuscripts, prints, letters, concert programmes and photographs from the Max Reger Institute’s collection.

Download our leaflet for the special exhibition here.


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